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Impaired hand function is a common problem in the young & old

Posted on 16 December 2017

Declining (inferior or subpar) hand & finger mobility, weak grip/pinch strength, and reduced manual dexterity skills are problems on the rise, occurring more frequently in persons engaged in the repetitive use of the new technology devices and from the results of aging. 


Use Vitabrace and achieve peak manual performance

New research shows that university students who most frequently use a smartphone are more likely to have an enlarged median nerve and to have impaired hand function and pinch strength compared with those who use their smartphones less often.


This negative effect on manual performance is not only limited to the young population or the overuse of devices since hand function also declines with age and inactivity.  


These findings suggest that many of us may be functioning at a less-than –optimal or subpar manual task efficiency level since the quality of performance in daily living skills, work-related functioning, and recreational activities is determined to a large degree by hand function and manual dexterity.


Although a diverse group of wearable and exercise fitness products claim to provide improved stability, flexibility, and mobility of the hands and fingers, there is a lack of randomized-controlled long-term clinical studies that demonstrate the significant benefits of any of these products.


It is very important for consumers to be provided with clear evidence-based results from clinical studies documenting that the product has the actual effect promised.


The Vitabrace® Wristband is the only wearable product proven in a gold-standard clinical study to be safe and effective for improving hand mobility, grip/pinch strength, and the performance of manual dexterity skills.


Why be slow, imprecise, and inefficient during your performance of manual tasks?


Use Vitabrace® and achieve peak manual performance!

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