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Vitabrace Wristband Clinical Study

Dr. Gorin 

The Vitabrace® wristband clinical study was conducted in the USA by Dr. Steven Gorin, D.O., Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon (Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, Miami, Florida). 




Vitabrace® is the world's first and only wellness high performance wristband containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, clinically proven in a randomized-controlled study to be safe and effective in improving hand mobility and manual performance skills. With improved dexterity, manual tasks are performed quicker and more efficiently resulting in increased productivity.




Task performance during activities is largely determined by hand function and dexterity.


The repetitive use of new technology devices and aging decrease our manual performance.


Our ability to efficiently perform manual tasks is sub-optimal and rapidly declining.


It is very important for consumers to be provided with clear evidence-based results from clinical studies documenting that the product has the actual effect promised. This is the first clinical study to demonstrate the efficacy of a wearable product for improving mobility, grip/pinch strength, and the performance of manual dexterity skills.




The successful clinical trial results of a 10-week study conducted on men and women at the Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics in Miami, Florida, in association with two leading research universities in the USA (Indiana State University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst) were published in the prestigious scholarly peer-reviewed Phytotherapy Research journal.


Using instruments that precisely and accurately measured manual performance abilities, the Vitabrace® wristband was clinically proven to be effective in improving the mobility and performance skills of the hands and fingers.




Greater than 30-50 percentage point improvements in:


*Hand speed and accuracy


*Dexterity with fine finger movements


*Finger speed, quickness, acceleration, and endurance


*Hand steadiness, precision, mobility, and speed


*Grip and pinch strength 


Participants reported improvements and more efficient performance in their manual skills during daily living tasks, work, and recreational activities:


*FASTER, STEADIER and MORE PRECISE MOVEMENTS: typing, texting, writing, and drawing


*BETTER DEXTERITY and GRIP STRENGTH handling objects: pen, comb, brush, mouse, tools, balls, machinery, and video-controllers


*MORE MOBILITY, QUICKNESS and ENDURANCE: cooking, cleaning, grooming, sports & athletics (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf), fitness training, video-gaming, playing a musical instrument, and painting.


*EFFICIENCY & PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES as an artist, musician, athlete, gamer, dentist, dental hygienist, dermatologist, surgeon, chef, hairstylist, plumber, journalist, court reporter, physical, occupational or massage therapist, etc.


Vitabrace High Performance Wristband


Vitabrace High Performance Wristband Clinical Study

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