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  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband

Miracle Fruit Oil®

Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband






Vitabrace® is the world's first and only wellness high performance wristband containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, clinically proven to be safe and effective in improving hand mobility and wrist, hand, and finger performance skills. With improved dexterity, manual tasks are performed quicker and more efficiently resulting in increased productivity.




Most of us are unaware that our manual performance, task efficiency, and productivity are sub-optimal and deteriorating. Our daily living habits, the repetitive use of new technology devices, and aging are resulting in measurable declines in hand mobility, flexibility, dexterity, and grip/pinch strength which affect our ability to efficiently perform tasks and be productive during daily living, work, and recreational activities.  


The quality of task performance during daily living, work, and recreational activities is determined to a large degree by hand function and manual dexterity.


Although a diverse group of wearable and exercise fitness products claim to provide improved stability, flexibility, and mobility of the hands and fingers, there is a lack of randomized-controlled long-term clinical studies that demonstrate the significant benefits of any of these products. 


It is very important for consumers to be provided with clear evidence-based results from clinical studies documenting that the product has the actual effect promised. This is the first clinical study to demonstrate the efficacy of a wearable product for improving hand/finger mobility, grip/pinch strength, and the performance of manual dexterity skills.




*Gold-Standard Clinical Study performed by a Board-Certified medical orthopedist using instruments that precisely and accurately measured manual performance skills will be published in a major scholarly peer-reviewed medical journal: Phytotherapy Research 2018; 32(2):321-332.




Clinically-proven to:


An average improvement across all hand tests that was over 30 percentage points greater than users of other wristbands or persons not wearing a wristband


An average improvement across finger tests that was over 50 percentage points greater than users of other wristbands or persons not wearing a wristband


Outperformed other wristbands and those with no wristbands (persons not using any wristbands had no benefit in manual performance)


Users favored Vitabrace® over other wristbands rating it effective in improving their hand/finger mobility and manual performance skills


Participants reported improvements and more efficient performance in their manual skills during daily living tasks, work, and recreational activities:


*Faster, steadier, and more precise fine finger movements: typing, texting, writing, and drawing


*Better dexterity and grip strength handling objects: pen, comb, brush, mouse, tools, balls, machinery, and video-controllers


*More mobility, quickness, and endurance: cooking, cleaning, grooming, sports & athletics, fitness training, video-gaming, playing a musical instrument, and painting




It is important to become aware that your hand function may be declining leading to reduced manual task efficiency which ultimately compromises your level of productivity. The Vitabrace® wristband helps to provide the needed support to improve your ability to carry out manual tasks more efficiently.


All of us can benefit from using the Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband:


Whether seeking to perform better during the activities of daily living such as typing, texting, writing, drawing, cleaning, cooking, or grooming; at work as a physical, occupational, or massage therapist; dentist, dental hygienist, dermatologist, surgeon, hairstylist, chef, court reporter, journalist, plumber; or during recreation as an  athlete engaged in sports (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf) or fitness training, video gamer, artist, musician. 


Vitabrace® helps you achieve your peak manual performance!


Vitabrace® is ergonomically designed to conform to wrist joints and provide greater support, comfort, and flexibility than other wristbands.


Promotes full wrist and finger motion




Lightweight and comfortable


Total breathability


360-degree compressive support


Fully adjustable, one-size-fits-all, unisex design


Orthopedic Tested and Recommended


Clinically Proven


Patent-Pending Oil


*Clinical study conducted by a board-certified orthopedist in the USA. Clinical results are no guarantee of individual performance or achievements. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors including ability, use, and medical conditions.


*Gorin S, Wakeford C, Zhang G, et al. Beneficial effects of an investigational wristband containing Synsepalum dulcificum (miracle fruit) seed oil on the performance of hand and finger motor skills in healthy subjects: A randomized controlled preliminary study. Phytotherapy Research 2018; 32(2):321-332.


Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, Miami, Florida; Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA., Department of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.


Vitabrace High Performance Wristband Clinical Study

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