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  • Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband
  • Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace High Performance Gamer Wristband
  • Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband

Miracle Fruit Oil®

Vitabrace® High Performance Wristband








Advanced Medical-Grade Miracle Fruit Oil Infused- Elastomeric Gel


Auto-Release Targeted Delivery Controlled with Compression


Vitabrace can benefit everyone


Dr. Gorin



Ease Pain Soreness Stiffness









Go Beyond Peak Performance

Faster Steadier More Precise Movements

Vitabrace Texting Typing


Boost Productivity and Reduce Fatigue

Vitabrace Boost Productivity and Reduce Fatigue


 lightning speed

Adam Shuman


 game changer


Increase Endurance and Range of Motion

Vitabrace Go Beyond Peak Performance


stronger grip and stability

Vitabrace Gym Fitness Working Out Grip Stability Stronger Hands


  flawless precision


Romero Britto


Unmatched Steadiness



Troy Anderson



 superior dexterity

Victor Sabo, DDS



Easier & Better Manipulations in Less Time with Less Fatigue


   clinical study results

Compression + MIRACLE FRUIT OIL → ^ Performance & ^ Recovery


Vitabrace High Performance Wristband Clinical Study


*Gold-Standard Clinical Study performed by a leading board-certified orthopedist in association with research scientists at two universities using instruments that precisely and accurately measured manual performance skills was published in a major scholarly peer-reviewed medical journal: Phytotherapy Research 2018; 32(2):321-332.

In the clinical study, Vitabrace users had greater than 50% improvements in their manual skills. Persons NOT wearing wristbands or using other wristbands showed NO benefits or had a worsening of their manual skills.


*Gorin S, Wakeford C, Zhang G, et al. Beneficial effects of an investigational wristband containing Synsepalum dulcificum (miracle fruit) seed oil on the performance of hand and finger motor skills in healthy subjects: A randomized controlled preliminary study. Phytotherapy Research 2018; 32(2):321-332.


*Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, Miami, Florida; Department of Food Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA., Department of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.


*Clinical study conducted by a board-certified orthopedist in the USA. Clinical results are no guarantee of individual performance or achievements. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors including ability, use, and medical conditions. Compression garments have shown relief of soreness and pain depending on use.


Directions for use


 vitabrace benefits

 vitabrace benefits




Miracle Fruit

The Miracle Fruit berry contains a protein (Miraculin) that when eaten temporarily alters taste (sour to sweet) –Hence the name Miracle Fruit 


Miracle Fruit Seeds

Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® comes from the seed of the healthy and natural Miracle Fruit Berry. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Force-Multiplier® (FM) fraction contains the highest amounts of healthy beneficial vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and phytonaturals (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, anti-nociceptive pain)

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