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  • Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Nail & Cuticle Oil Treatment

Miracle Fruit Oil®

Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Nail & Cuticle Oil Treatment




Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Nail & Cuticle Oil Treatment is the world's first and only nail oil product containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, clinically-proven to be effective at:


·    Strengthening nails

·    Reversing brittle nails

·    Preventing nail fungus

·    Maintaining healthier nails

·    Nourishing cuticles 



Synsepalum dulcificum (Miracle Fruit) seed oil, a never-before-used fruit seed oil, is naturally derived, organic, and proven to transform cuticles and nails to optimum health.




Brush nail beds and massage into cuticles. 




Naturally moisturizes, replenishes, strengthens, nourishes, protects, restores cuticles & nails


A rare and exotic, fruit seed oil derived from a natural and healthy source; the miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) berry


Highest-ever recorded amounts of healthy phytonutrients






Dermatologist Tested and Recommended


Not Tested on Animals, Cruelty Free


Alcohol, Dye, Gluten, Sulfate & Paraben Free


NO Endocrine Disruptors

European Union Certified 


Vegan, Natural, Organic


No Preservatives


Clinically Proven


Patented Unique Nail Oil

For All Nail Types





Miracle Fruit

The Miracle Fruit berry contains a protein (Miraculin) that when eaten temporarily alters taste (sour to sweet) –Hence the name Miracle Fruit 


Miracle Fruit Seeds

Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® comes from the seed of the healthy and natural Miracle Fruit Berry. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Force-Multiplier® (FM) fraction contains the highest amounts of healthy beneficial vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and phytonaturals (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, anti-nociceptive pain)

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