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"It was a pleasure seeing you at the American Academy of Dermatology. I am excited to offer Miracle Fruit Oil to all my patients and as you can see I attract a diverse population of patients with all hair types. Women of color historically have used many heavy oils on the hair for grooming. Most of these products have no scientific studies to document product benefits. Miracle Fruit Oil is the first to publish evidence that the substance builds strength in the shaft and mimic oils that naturally exist in the glands of the scalp. The benefits are great to styles that require frequent moisturizing like dreadlocks or color treated, permed hair. The oil is light and mildly fragrant which makes it pleasant to apply to the hair. We have received great reviews from our staff and patients. Thanks for the opportunity to sell your product."


Donna Stockton, MD FAAD


Dermatology and Skin Surgery Associates



"We have hundreds of products. This is the one product that I use every single day. It is fabulous. I use it on my hair and my hair can be very unruly. It is not greasy, it smells good, and everyone loves it. I highly endorse Miracle Fruit Oil."


Gary Lee, MD


Look Younger MD



"The results of the peer-reviewed published hair study speak for themselves.”


Bernard Cohen, MD


Board-Certified Dermatologist/Hair Restoration Physician



"perform PRP scalp injections. I tried the hair oil on my post-PRP patients and was amazed by the superior results. I was so impressed with the results of the hair oil that I made it a part of my daily grooming habits. I recommend it to my patients."


Adam W. Mauer, MD


Human Artist MD/LRX Medical Aesthetics Center




"As both a salon owner and nationally recognized hair color educator, I choose to align myself with small independent companies who truly place the integrity of both hair and business above all things. What I love about the Miracle Fruit Oil Company is that their Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment comes from outside the hair industry and utilizes a natural oil from a truly miraculous fruit. It's impossible to create beautiful hair without the integrity of the hair being beautiful and Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment restores the hair to its naturally beautiful state." 


Eric Mokotoff


Hair Studio Artists Salon/ABCH Educator  



"The results with Miracle Fruit Oil speak for themselves-Just try it and see."


Kevin Anthony White


Master Barber & Hairstylist/ABCH Educator



"Vitabrace Wristband has helped me so much for all my wrist movements during my services!! As a barber my wrists tend to get stiff or sore at the end of the day but this wristband from Miracle Fruit Oil has definitely helped so much during and after work! I highly recommend it!!"


"Miracle Fruit Oil is the best hair oil for all hair types. My clients love using Miracle Fruit Oil on their hair and beards. The oil provides rejuvenating results right away. The scent and texture of this hair oil is amazing!!"


Jatori The Barber 


Blessed Barber Studio 



"Miracle Fruit Oil is the best product ever!"


Luis Vivas


Luis Vivas Hair Studio and Day Spa



"I love Miracle Fruit Oil and my clients love it too!"


Estela Hayes


Board Certified Hair Colorist



"I absolutely love Miracle Fruit Oil. The bottle is beautiful and the product is amazing!"


Shannon Grice


Shannon's Hair Nails Tan Unlimited/ Salon Owner



"I have been using your Miracle Fruit Oil. It is a great product! All my clients love the packaging and it feels great in their hair! Thank you for a great product!" 


Raul Martez


RAÜLMARTEZ the academy



"As a hairdresser with over 35 years of experience, I am always looking for the best product to finish hair that’s not going to be greasy or heavy, and also detangles hair to help stop breakage, because the detangler makes it much easier to comb through the hair, giving less tension and stress. Miracle Fruit Seed Oil Hair Treatment is my product of choice because it is very effective and easy to work with. I find it to be the best natural hair oil that I have used because of its superior ability to strengthen and protect the hair, thereby preventing breakage and damage. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend it to all of my clients."


Alexander of Australia


Alexander's G'Day Spa and Salon/Trichologist/International Hair Stylist



“Over 40 years of doing hair and I have never seen anything perform quite like the Miracle Fruit Oil Treatment. I am amazed at the results and my clients are going crazy over this product. They call it “Genie in a bottle!” and I cannot keep it on the shelf. I read the published clinical study and I am seeing similar impressive results. It definitively is the most powerful anti-breakage product I have seen. Why use more chemicals that damage your hair if you can go natural and have much better results. I use it on my hair and you should too. I also routinely wear the Vitabrace wristbands. My hair styling and cutting skills have significantly improved and I attribute it to the enhanced mobility and flexibility provided by the wristbands. I cut and blow-dry more hair in half the time. No question in my mind that the Miracle Fruit Oil Company has great products for hair and wrist-joints that are proven to perform."


Adam Shuman


“The Wizard” International Master Stylist/ Salon Copage



"I love my Vitabraces. After a hard day of blow drying, curling, and round brushing hair, my wrists feel phenomenal thanks to my Vitabraces. My hands are so much faster and energized with more speed, no stiffness and no tightness. I can't see doing hair without these Vitabraces in my life. I don't leave home without them."


"Miracle Fruit Oil is lightweight, not greasy, smells great, and the results are amazing!"


Yvonne Gaines


International Educator/Hair Colorist/Cosmetologist Yvonne's House of Design



"We love Miracle Fruit Oil and have been selling out of it. Thank you so much for an amazing product."


Maria Repetto 


Capelli Couture Salon/Salon Owner/ Master Color Specialist



“The Miracle Fruit is truly a miracle of nature. It is a very healthy and nutritious fruit that changes taste from sour to sweet. The fruit helps people with diabetes and cancer eat better. Therefore, I am not surprised that that oil from the seed of this fruit also has beneficial effects. I enjoy drawing, painting, and playing musical instruments such as the horn and guitar. Wearing the Vitabrace wristband has definitively helped me perform much better. My artistic and musical skills have improved and I can attest that it is due to the use of the wristband. I am faster, steadier, and more precise with my hand and finger movements. My grip has improved and I can move my hands without getting tired for a lot longer than before. By the way, I have also used the Miracle Fruit Oil on my hair for a long time and at 75 years of age, I still have a full head of hair.  I highly recommend Vitabrace and Miracle Fruit Oil. Try them-You will not be disappointed.”


Curtis Mozie


The Miracle Fruit Man/ “The Fruit Hunters” book by Adam Gollner


“I love the Miracle Fruit Oil hair product, it works great, and I recommend it to my patients.”


Pearl Tam, MD


Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist/Pediatrician



“Miracle Fruit Oil is fantastic. It makes my hair healthy and soft.”


Aviva Grinberger


Registered Nurse



"I love Miracle Fruit Oil, it leaves my hair so smooth and the scent is amazing!"


Kennia Saffer


Medical Esthetician



"I am a Dermatology PA that practices in Baton Rouge, LA. I have a very large hair loss practice and specialize in hair loss in African American men and women. I do a lot of PRP/amnion as well as treatments for scarring and numerous types of alopecias. I read the clinical study in my JCAD journal and was impressed. I purchased and started using this oil myself and was even more impressed." 


Tara Rheubottom, PA-C


Louisiana Dermatology Associates


“Our patients love Miracle Fruit Oil hair treatment. Men and Women with ALL hair types use it. Our patients keep reordering. We sell out!”


Vaughan Graves, MD


Graves Derma Care Center



"I love Miracle Fruit Oil. It makes my hair feel very silky and smooth. It strengthens the hair and helps with split ends and damage. I recommend it to my patients." 


Mahya Patel, DO


Board-Certified Dermatologist/ Center for Dermatology Care



"I like Miracle Fruit Oil as it helps smooth processed hair without making it greasy appearing. I recommend it for patients with congenital dry and brittle hair as well as it helps hair have a healthier appearance."


Shannan McCann, MD


Board-Certified Dermatologist/ US Air Force



"As a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in designing and performing clinical studies, I strongly support evidenced-based clinical research. I give this company a lot of credit since it is not an easy task to publish a scientific peer-reviewed manuscript and this company has published two. I like the concept of natural performance products that provide health and wellness benefits. These types of natural products are very safe and can benefit a lot of people. I use my hands and fingers a lot so I decided to try the Vitabrace wristbands. I have worn them daily for over a month and I feel my hands and fingers have become much more flexible, are moving better together, and more is accomplished in less time. I especially have noticed that my typing, texting, and grip strength abilities have improved. I enjoy wearing my Vitabrace wristbands and they provide comfortable wrist support. I value my health and given the choice of wearing a wellness product with proven performance benefits, why would I wear anything else?" 


Gualberto Perez, MD, LCMT, CCRC, CPI 


GCP Research LLC 



“Vitabrace-I Win with it. I am not bragging about it, just proud that with my 2 Vitabraces I feel I am 160% at my speed.”


Preston Arsement—Minecraft Gaming  


PrestonPlayz Youtube Channel (over 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views)



“Utilizo Vitabrace para Dominar El Juego.”

("I use Vitabrace to dominate the game.")


Alejandro “Otto” Mendive


Professional CS:GO Player



“I wear my Vitabraces to get the boost I need to win the game."


Tony “TonyV” Vargaz


Professional PUBG Player 



"Dentistry requires superior manual dexterity. Vitabrace makes my job easier!"


Victor Sabo, DDS



"I use Vitabrace to play fantastic music!" 


Troy (Satchmo) Anderson


Trumpet Player Extraordinaire



“Vitabrace-artists wear it. It helps me create a masterpiece!"


Romero Britto


Famous Artist, Painter, Serigrapher, and Sculptor 


"Hello! My name is Melanie Benson, and I am a student at Gonzaga University. About two years ago, I began to notice significant damage and breakage in my hair. The unhealthy state of my hair was very concerning and negatively affected my self-confidence. Since I first noticed this hair breakage, I have sought out any products that could help, heal, and repair my hair."


"When I first heard about Miracle Fruit Seed Oil, I was in the office of my Dermatologist. She recommended this to me, and I did not hesitate to buy it. Throughout my hair care journey, I have researched and tried so many products, and I can confidently say that I will never again need to search for a new hair oil. Upon my very first use of this oil, I noticed the beautiful smell, and the way it made my hair appear shiny and soft, without the grease of other oils I have tried in the past. I have naturally curly hair, and applying this oil makes my curls tame, bouncy, and defined. I have completely given up heat products and solely use this oil to style my hair. It eliminates frizz and leaves my hair with a fresh, natural shine. I apply the oil to my hair sometimes multiple times a day, and it never appears greasy whatsoever. Since using this oil, I have noticed less breakage and more hair growth. My curls are more defined than ever before, and this oil makes them feel very moisturized. Even before my significant hair breakage, my hair was not uniformly curly. This oil has brought new life, texture, and volume to my curls. I look forward to each time I apply this oil, because I know it replenishes and revitalizes my hair."


"I am still in the process of growing out my hair, and I have used this oil for about a year now. I am just about to start my third bottle. They last such a long time and provide so much healing to damaged hair! I would recommend this oil to everybody, not just those who have experienced significant hair damage. Hair care is so important, and Miracle Fruit Seed Oil nourishes the hair from the inside out."


All the best,


Melanie Benson 



"Two things that I am literally obsessed with is skincare and haircare. I was ever so delighted when I received the Miracle Fruit Oil. As per the manufacturer, this oil strengthens, restores, and decreases hair breakage. The fruit oil is derived from the Synsepalum Dulcificum seed which helps your hair achieve that healthy state that it so rightfully deserves.  As I have gotten older, my hair texture has definitely changed and so has the level of dryness, which has increased. I am forever seeking hydrating hair products. I literally use three different oils twice a day in my hair. Now that you know me, let’s move on to the product shall we. It comes in this beautiful luxurious red bottle with gold trims making it so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The oil is lightweight and has a very pleasant aromatic scent. It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all and the level of hydration it delivers to my hair is unreal. This oil penetrates deep within the hair shaft and it makes my hair feel so soft and manageable afterwards. I use it daily and there is no greasy feel to my hair in any way. Another fabulous thing about this oil is that it’s all of the following; organic, vegan, cruelty and sulfate free.  I am so happy to have this product in my routine and gone are days of dry and brittle hair."


Marie Morisset


Registered Nurse

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