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The World’s 1st and Only MIRACLE FRUIT SEED OIL®


Solid Science / Clinically-Proven / Studies Published in Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals                                               

Miracle Fruit Trees

It’s not everyday something this EXCITING comes along!


The Discovery:


The healthy Miracle Fruit berry


The Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) berry is a one-of-a-kind exotic and very healthy bright-red fruit native to tropical West Africa that produces an amazing effect.

It contains a glycoprotein (Miraculin) that changes your taste buds making sour foods taste sweet.

No other fruit exhibits this level of perceptual change and the observed effect is truly a miraculous sensation.


The natural Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® 

Seeds are known to contain healthy natural oils. Like the berry, could the oil from the Miracle Fruit Seed also contain unique health benefits?

Since the oil had never been used and was not available, the Miracle Fruit Oil Company extracted the Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® from the seed using sophisticated state of the art supercritical methods. The unique health and wellness benefits were discovered through extensive scientific and clinical studies.


Vitabrace Miracle Fruit Tree

The Science:




Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® was studied by agricultural and food scientists at the research laboratories from two leading universities (University of Florida and University of Massachusetts at Amherst).


Surprisingly, Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® contained greater than 20% of its weight as the bioactive-rich fraction, among the highest amount ever recorded for any unproccessed pure fruit seed oil.


Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® contains high amounts of beneficial phytonutrients:


Palmitic acid and squalene

Important lipid components at levels that most closely resembles those produced by our oil glands that naturally lubricate, moisturize, strengthen, and protect hair and skin from damage and aging


Vitamin K1, linoleic acid, and elemental silicon

Essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which play an important role in maintaining the structural integrity of human skin, hair, nails, and joints


Polyphenols (anthocyanins, flavonoids, catechins) and squalene

Powerful antioxidants which counteract and repair the damage from free radicals


Triterpenoids (α- and β-amyrins) and phytosterols (spinasterol)

Potent anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and regenerative agents


Vitabrace Miracle Fruit


The Clinical Studies:




Two Gold-Standard (randomized double-blind placebo-controlled) clinical studies were performed in the USA by board-certified medical doctors; a dermatologist and an orthopedist in association with research scientists at major USA universities.


The medical professionals used sophisticated instruments that precisely and accurately measured the ability of the Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® to provide significant quantitative benefits. 


The landmark manuscripts documenting the successful clinical trial results from the two studies were published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals:


Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment)


Phytotherapy Research Journal (Vitabrace® wristband)



Participants using the Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment significantly:

Reduced hair breakage and repaired split ends

Decreased hair loss due to breakage

Increased the healthy hair index

Outperformed users of a leading hair oil brand and those who used no oils

Felt the difference in the healthier performance of their hair


Participants using the Vitabrace® High-Performance Wristband significantly:

Improved the mobility of their hands and fingers, grip/pinch strength, and manual performance skills

Outperformed users of other wristbands and those with no wristbands (persons not using any wristbands had no benefit in manual performance)

Reported improvements in their performance during daily living tasks, work, and recreational activities:


*Faster, steadier, and more precise fine finger movements: typing, texting, writing, and drawing


*Better dexterity and grip strength handling objects: pen, comb, brush, mouse, balls, tools, machinery, and video-controllers


*Better task efficiency: cooking, cleaning, grooming, sports & athletics, fitness training, video-gaming, playing a musical instrument, and painting


    Vitabrace Miracle Fruit

    The Products:




    Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® High Performance Products


    NOW-For the first time ever, limited quantities of the world's first and only high performance products containing patent-pending Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® are available from the Miracle Fruit Oil Company. 


    Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Hair Treatment is the only hair oil product clinically-proven in a randomized placebo-controlled study to be safe and effective in strengthening hair, reducing breakage, decreasing hair loss due to breakage, and restoring hair from damage.


    Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® Scalp and Hair Treatment is the only scalp and hair treatment proven safe and effective at improving scalp conditions, reversing dry and oily scalps, preserving and repairing the scalp microbiome, preventing and restoring hair loss due to breakage, and repairing thin hairs.


    Miracle Fruit Oil® Nail and Cuticle Oil Treatment is the world's first and only nail oil product containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, clinically-proven to be effective at strengthening nails, reversing brittle nails, preventing and improving nail fungus, nourishing cuticles and maintaining healthier nails.


    Vitabrace® wristband is the only wearable product clinically-proven in a randomized placebo-controlled study to be safe and effective in improving hand mobility and manual performance skills.


    Discover what sets Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® products apart from all others.


    Miracle Fruit Seeds

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