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Miracle Fruit Oil Company announces the peer-reviewed publication of significant clinical trial results on Vitabrace®

Posted on 13 February 2018

Novel wearable produces a measurable improvement of greater than 30% in manual performance

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, February 13, 2018 / -- Miracle Fruit Oil, a company dedicated to developing its rare and exotic patent-pending Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, announced today the publication of positive results from the randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial of its unique Vitabrace® compression wristband containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil® for improving manual performance skills. The successful clinical trial results conducted at the Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics in Miami, Florida, in collaboration with scientists at Indiana State University and University of Amherst, were published in the medical journal, Phytotherapy Research.

Steven Gorin, DO, MSEd, a board-certified orthopedist performed the study and said: “This is the first clinical study to conclusively demonstrate the efficacy of a wearable for improving manual performance. Most people are unaware they are functioning at subpar levels of manual performance. Declining manual performance is a problem on the rise, frequently occurring in persons engaged in the repetitive use of the new technology devices and from aging. Using instrument tests that precisely and accurately measured manual performance skills, I found that persons who used Vitabrace® had significant improvements in mobility, speed, steadiness, dexterity, and grip/pinch strength. They showed improvements among the hand and finger tests that were greater than 30 and 50 percentage points, respectively, compared to persons using other wristbands or no wristband. Vitabrace® users reported faster steadier movements, better grip handling objects, and being more efficient achieving daily living tasks, work and recreational activities.”


Vitabrace® is the world's first and only compression wristband containing Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®, a rare and exotic, never before used, fruit seed oil with unique properties derived from a natural healthy source, the Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) berry. Whether seeking to perform better as an athlete, video-gamer, musician, artist, surgeon, dentist, hairstylist; or when typing, texting, cleaning, cooking, or fitness-training--Vitabrace® helps you achieve your peak manual performance.

Miracle Fruit Oil Company

Miracle Fruit Oil is the only company that makes products containing patent-pending Miracle Fruit Seed Oil®. The company develops innovative health and wellness products backed by solid-science and clinically-proven to perform.

To learn more about the product, medical publication, or book an interview, contact Dr. Steven Gorin; email at:

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