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Miracle Fruit Seed Oil : The ONLY Proven Natural-Holistic-Medical Dual Defense Protecting and Repairing Hair Inside and Out

Posted on 03 August 2020

The start of all hair damage and breakage is always a growing mechanical micro-crack. Micro-cracks produce breakage at the hair cuticle surface and split ends inside the cortex. 

One of the biggest realizations in the field of hair science is the fact that in real life, hair breakage most commonly occurs as a consequence of repetitive stress forces over the long-term.

When a force is applied to hair, micro-cracks occur and act as stress concentrators that leads them to get larger until a large crack develops and breakage occurs due to fatigue failure. Breakage is worsened by the fatigue caused by the action of small repetitive cycling forces. 

Micro-cracks at the cuticle grow and cause breakage. Due to unavoidable tangling, hair at the tips undergo higher stresses that involve the cortex and require additional protection and repair. For this reason, a truly holistic and medical strategy will require both an outside-in and inside-out protection and repair approach. 

A product needs to stop and repair the micro-cracks at the surface and also at the cortical hair tips by using a combination of outside-in and inside-out prevention and repair. Not only will the micro-cracks at the cuticle surface improve but also the damage inside the cortex will be halted and repaired. 

Miracle Fruit Oil Hair Treatment is the only natural holistic and medical-grade product in the market that is scientifically and clinically-proven to have the dual action necessary to effectively prevent and repair hair damage. The ultimate result is resistance to hair breakage with cuticle protection, repairing and preventing the formation split ends, and reversal of hair damage leading to stronger healthier youthful hair. The beneficial results of the university clinical study were published in a peer-reviewed major medical journal. 

Miracle Fruit Oil Hair Treatment penetrates to seal the cuticle from the outside-in preventing and repairing the cracks before they get worse. Miracle Fruit Oil Force-Multiplier fraction uniquely penetrates the cortical micro-cracks and binds to the hair protein, thereby increasing the natural bond-force of attraction throughout the entire keratin protein chain. The increase in bond-force seals the cracks and repairs the damage to the cortex from the inside-out. Miracle Fruit Oil provides the most powerful sealant that closes and mends the split ends naturally. 

Crack formation and propagation is the worst form of mechanical hair damage that results in breakage. Miracle Fruit Oil Hair Treatment is the only proven natural product that benefits the entire hair fiber holistically and medically.

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